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Create an Account in an Existing Case

If you got court papers from the other side with a Notice of E-filing and you want to file your papers over the internet, you must create an account by filling out the registration form on this website. You need the index number of your case, your name, contact information and an Email Address to complete the form. After you fill in this information online, print the form and take it to a Notary Public. Sign the form in front of the Notary, then return all 3 pages of the registration form by email or fax. E-mail a PDF/A to the NYSCEF Resource Center. You will get an email with a user name and password back. This takes 1-2 days.

If you need your user name and password faster, you can ask the court to speed up the process by writing the words PLEASE EXPEDITE across the top of the registration form.

Create an Account
The account you create can be used for one case. If you want to e-file in another case, you will have to create another account. Before you create an account, make sure you have everything you need to e-file. Read E-filing Basics. Follow the link below to get started:

Create an Account in an Existing Case

NYSCEF has an e-filing training website for attorneys and unrepresented litigants. If you want to practice e-filing you must create a training site account.
Create a Training Site Account.
Visit the Training Site.