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E-Filing Basics

E-filing (electronic filing) is a way to file and deliver your court forms over the Internet. If you don't have an attorney, it is up to you whether you want to e-file your papers. You can still bring your papers to the courthouse, but if you e-file, it saves you the trip. If you and the other side both e-file, all future papers in the case are delivered (served and filed) through NYSCEF, the New York State Courts E-filing system.

Reasons to E-File
  • E-filing is free (you still have to pay filing fees unless you have a Fee Waiver)
  • E-filing is fast
  • E-filing saves you time
  • E-filing can be done day and night, 24/7
  • E-filing has a Resource Center to give you support during business hours

E-filing Checklist
To e-file, the answer must be Yes to all the questions below.

Is e-filing available in your county, court and case type? If you got a notice about e-filing when you were served with the court papers, e-filing is available in your case. If you are starting a new case, e-filing is only available in some Appellate, Court of Claims, Supreme, Supreme Civil and Surrogate cases. Check Courts, Counties and Case Types.

Have you already made your court papers? The e-filing website does not make court papers, like an Answer or a Motion. Make your papers first then come back to upload and e-file them. Need information? Visit a Court Help Center or the CourtHelp website.

Do you have a computer with internet access?

Do you have an Email Address that you regularly check?

Do you have PDF/A viewing software on your computer? If not, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Do you have a scanner or software to turn your court papers into PDF/As?

Do you have a Visa, Master Card or American Express Credit Card to pay for filing fees? If you can't afford the fee, you must first apply for a Fee Waiver from the court.

Create an Account
Before you can e-file your court papers you must get a user name and password by creating an account. The process is different if you want to start a new case, or file papers in an existing case.

Create an Account to Start a New Case

Create an Account in an Existing Case

NYSCEF has an e-filing training website for attorneys and unrepresented litigants. If you want to practice e-filing you must create a training site account.
Create a Training Site Account.
Visit the Training Site.