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NYSCEF has a training system that mimics the Live System. The Training System allows users to learn, and, by repetition, become adept at, the document-filing process and other NYSCEF features.

Each system requires a separate registration and issues a separate and non-transferable user ID and password. The ID and password for the Training System permit training filings only; no filings can be made in the Live System, that is, in real cases, with those credentials. Any attempt to file a real case in the Training System would be of no effect. Documents filed in the Training System do not reach the County Clerk or court operations staff; notifications sent by the Training System do not come from those staff; other parties do not receive any such notifications (i.e., no e-service takes place in that System); and no payments of court fees are processed by the Training System. Those wishing to make a filing or take other action in a real case are cautioned to log into the Live System using the Live System ID and password when ready to proceed. Create a Training Account.

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